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    Rabbi Discussion Prompts


    I asked 7 Rabbis to pose a meaningful question for our Passover discussion. You can place these on your Passover table for inspiration or choose the question(s) cards you want to include. I’ve added a few blank cards as well, so you can add your own discussion prompts and personalize them for your family and guests.

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    Beautiful Passover-At-A-Glance Cheat Sheets


    The decorative element on these Passover-at-a-glance cards is a custom illustration of 4 cups of wine. Following that is an overview of the Passover holiday, the meaning behind all the food on the Seder plate followed by the specific order of the Seder ritual.

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    Passover Name Cards


    These Passover place cards are beautiful and practical. They add a decorative design element to your table and also allow you to intentionally place guests at your Passover table.

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    Discussion Prompts for your Passover Table


    12 Inspiring and reflective printable questions for the Passover table discussion.

    I’ve added a few blank note cards as well, so you can add your own discussion points and personalize them for your family and guests.

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    Weekly Meal Plan Template


    This very simplistic template is helpful and non-intimidating plus the shopping list template helps you to focus on whole plant-based ingredients for your meals. When you can look to the week ahead and see how and what you’ll be eating, it’s easier to follow your plan and honor your body with healthy eating.


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